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The Goon Show LIVE! guys love to get their radio-perfect faces on stage..

Here, Minnie, hold my elephant gun.

I don’t know what you brought it for. You can’t shoot elephants in England, you know.

And why not?

They’re out of season.

Does this mean we shall have to have pelican for dinner again?

I fear so, I fear so.

Then I’ll risk it. I’ll shoot an elephant out of season.

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pink elephants

Photo-Lense Crackers!

The Goon Show LIVE! guys have radio-perfect faces… so it was a challenge getting snap-shots of them in action.

Here are photos from the shows, and of the cast with our devoted fans.

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The perfect gift for the Goon Show tragic in your family…

Goon Show merchandise; 'the Battle of Waterloo', by award winning Australian cartoonist, Tony Kentuck

…or phone the producer, Bryan, on 0418 241 218 (+61.418 241 218 from outside Australia)

We’ve come to disconnect your phone.

The Red Bladder: 
I haven’t got one.

Don’t worry, we’ve brought one with us.

Goon Gossip

Our Youngest Raving Goon-Type

Meet Gianna, our youngest Goon-mad fanatic. Gianna is only 14 years old, and we LOVE her to bits! Here’s what she said after the show last Saturday… You’d better grab some tickets before they run out… only 3 shows to go. Read about the show

Cheryle’s coming back for sure

Last Saturday night’s show was lots of fun, according to Cheryle who came to the show with her family. Here’s her review after the show… You can view more audience reviews on our YouTube channel. Tickets for this Saturday 22nd and Sunday 23rd (our 50th show) are still available, so…

Ho Ho Ho it’s the The Goon Show…. LIVE!

Here’s Simon Lenthen aka Neddy Seagoon giving the camera the full force of the Christmas-in-July festivities. Last Saturday’s show was a hit. On Saturday 15th July at the Metropole Katoomba, the audience were packed in and settled down for a great night. They especially enjoyed the special extra episode, Christmas…

2 tickets left for 15th July Yulefest dinner & show

There are two lonely tickets for toinight’s show… please adopt them…

What really happens before a show?

Pre-show is like a mad-house really Come to think of it, that sums up the lads when they’re on-stage too. Here’s young Robin ‘Spike’ Queree on the tele-phone before the show last Saturday. Who’s he calling? Could it be You? Come and join in the general melee of silliness at…

Those Goon-NUTS love The Goon Show LIVE!

The World is FULL of Goon-type-NUTS …and we’re pleased to note that a few of them turn up at our shows. At last Saturday’s Yulefest Dinner and Show, we had a room full of them. One of their number was Gary from Rozelle, who sent us this wonderful note, which we’ve pasted…


Join us for the Best of British Comedy.

Our shows are the perfect blend of situation comedy, radio theatre and absolute lunacy all rolled into one rib-breaking giggle-fest!

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